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 Absynth Biologics Limited, a UK biotechnology company that discovers and develops vaccines and antibodies to prevent and treat bacterial infections, today announces that co-founder Dr Jorge Garcia-Lara, has stepped down from his position as Absynth's Director of Research and resigned from the Board to move towards an early discovery research opportunity. Dr Fiona Marston, Chief Executive of Absynth said "On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank Jorge for his contribution, which has been central to Absynth since it's foundation and as it has progressed. We wish him every success in the future." March 23, 2015

Press Release: Sheffield, UK & Martinsried/Munich, Germany

September 2, 2010

Absynth Biologics Announces License & Collaboration Agreement with MorphoSys AG Absynth Provides Access To Novel Targets Associated With Staphylococcus Aureus

Absynth Biologics, a Sheffield-based biotechnology company is pleased to announce today that it has signed a license & collaboration agreement with the German company MorphoSys AG (FSE: MOR; Prime Standard Segment, TecDAX). This agreement forms part of a new proprietary development program that MorphoSys has initiated against novel infectious disease targets. Under the agreement Absynth will provide access to its novel target molecules associated with Staphylococcus aureus (S.aureus) infections including MRSA. MorphoSys will generate antibodies using its proprietary HuCAL PLATINUM antibody library which Absynth will test in relevant disease models. MorphoSys will be solely responsible for the development and partnering of the resulting compounds. Absynth will receive an upfront payment and is eligible for development-dependent milestone payments and royalties. Further financial details were not disclosed.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with MorphoSys” commented Dr Fiona Marston, Chief Executive, Absynth Biologics Limited. “The synergies between our technologies enhance the prospects of creating products to benefit patients suffering from S. aureus infections. Absynth’s genomics-based approach allows identification of previously overlooked targets, such as bacterial components which are crucial to the organism, conserved across different bacterial strains and accessible for antibodies. Absynth has demonstrated that monoclonal antibodies against the targets in-licensed by MorphoSys inhibit the growth of S. aureus and recruit the human immune system to eliminate bacteria via phagocytosis. Absynth has filed patent applications on all targets involved in the collaboration.

“This collaboration brings together Absynth’s novel proprietary targets and expertise in S. aureus including MRSA and MorphoSys’s expertise in the generation of antibody drugs. We see these new targets as a very promising basis of antibody therapy for an increasingly serious medical problem,” commented Dr. Simon Moroney, Chief Executive Officer of MorphoSys AG. “Our goal is to create a valuable package of novel, proprietary targets together with high affinity antibodies, supported by compelling data, which will allow us to partner the program for subsequent development. The targets identified by Absynth represent a unique opportunity to generate value rather quickly and create out-licensing opportunities much earlier than in the areas of cancer and inflammation, which remain however the main focus areas for our discovery and development organization.”

Hospital-acquired or nosocomial infections are a growing public health concern and are associated with increasing levels of mortality. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that in the United States alone about 1.7 million nosocomial infections and 99,000 associated deaths occur each year. These infections are caused by micro-organisms including drug-resistant MRSA. In the United Kingdom, S. aureus accounts for almost half of all hospital-acquired infections.

About Absynth Biologics

Founded in 2007 by Fusion IP and based on discoveries from the University of Sheffield laboratories of Professor Simon Foster & Dr Jorge Garcia-Lara, Absynth is a private, UK biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of products for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections. The company’s distinctive approach uses genomics to identify highly conserved bacterial protein targets, essential for life and capable of stimulating the immune system. Our platform has broad potential against a range of bacterial infections. Absynth’s novel targets offer two lines of attacking infection: vaccines for prophylactic use to stimulate an immune response or antibodies for anti-infective  treatments. In its vaccine programmes, the company has shown that its S. aureus antigens effectively harness the immune system and in vivo reproducibly protect against infection in the gold-standard in vivo model of infection. Absynth’s novel antigens are also found in other infectious bacteria which forms the basis of the company’s pipeline. Absynth is located in Sheffield, UK. For further information, visit http://www.absynthbiologics.co.uk

About MorphoSys:

MorphoSys is an independent biotechnology company that develops novel antibodies for therapeutic,diagnostic and research applications. The Company's HuCAL technology is one of the most powerful methods available for generating fully human antibodies. By successfully applying this and other proprietary technologies, MorphoSys has become a leader in the field of therapeutic antibodies, one of   the fastest-growing drug classes in human health-care. Through its alliances with some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, MorphoSys has created a pipeline of more than 60 drug candidates. The Company is expanding its drug pipeline by adding new partnered programs, and by building a portfolio of fully-owned therapeutic antibodies. For its proprietary portfolio, the Company is focused on the areas of oncology and inflammation. Its most advanced program MOR103, a first-in-class, fully human antibody against GM-CSF, is currently tested in a Phase Ib/IIa trial in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Via its business unit AbD Serotec, MorphoSys is expanding the reach of its technologies in the diagnostics and research markets. MorphoSys is headquartered in Munich, Germany and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol "MOR". For further information, visit http://www.morphosys.com/

HuCAL®, HuCAL GOLD®, HuCAL PLATINUM®, CysDisplay® and RapMAT® are registered trademarks ofMorphoSys.

This communication contains certain forward-looking statements concerning the MorphoSys group of companies. The forward-looking statements contained herein represent the judgment of MorphoSys as of the date of this release and involve risks and uncertainties. Should actual conditions differ from the Company's assumptions, actual results and actions may differ from those anticipated. MorphoSys does not intend to update any of these forward-looking statements as far as the wording of the relevant press release is concerned.

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Award of Funding to Absynth Biologics Ltd.

Absynth Biologics Ltd. (Absynth) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a £100,000 grant to assist the development of a novel vaccine and treatments for the hospital superbug MRSA.

Absynth, a Fusion IP spin-out company from the University  of Sheffield, is developing “first in class” technologies to treat and prevent hospital-acquired infections including MRSA.

Antibiotic resistance in bacteria is one of the world’s most serious healthcare problems, and is being compounded by the lack of success in the development of new antibiotics.  Absynth’s approach is to identify components of MRSA that can be used to harness the patient’s own immune system to fight the infection.

With this additional grant funding from Yorkshire Forward (the region’s Development Agency) candidate vaccines and therapeutic antibodies that have the potential to be developed as new medicines will be tested for their ability to prevent or cure MRSA infections.

David Baynes, CEO of Fusion IP, said:

Absynth is at the cutting edge of creating new vaccines and therapeutic antibodies that have the potential to both treat and prevent hospital acquired infections such as MRSA and Staphylococcus aureus. This additional funding from Yorkshire Forward will assist in accelerating Absynth’s development programme and we are delighted to be working with them in this exciting area of research

Alex McWhirter, Assistant Director of Business at Yorkshire Forward adds:

“We provide Research and Development grants such as this to help our region’s businesses remain leaders in new technologies, processes and ultimately their industries as a whole. This is especially important in today’s economic uncertainty in order for companies to increase competitiveness and drive their business forward.”

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