Research & Development

Absynth has four pipeline R&D programs:

Vaccines and therapeutic antibodies against S. aureus, vaccines against C. difficile and S. pyogenes.

Vaccine development

Absynth has successfully identified several novel targets in S.aureus and reproducible protection for a number of antigens, has been demonstrated in vivo in the septicaemia model of infection. Work is in progress to combine and test antigen leads, with adjuvants and other components, leading to selection of a candidate vaccine.

Pipeline programmes have been advanced to characterise homologous Absynth novel antigens against the pathogens C. difficile and S. pyogenes. Data generated shows the potential of these antigens to protect against infection in models of infections and work is in progress to further develop vaccine formulations against these pathogens.

Monoclonal antibody development

Monoclonal antibodies to a range of essential protein targets in S. aureus have been raised.   Antibodies have been shown to specifically recognise S. aureus have bioactivity and opsonize S. aureus for phagocytosis by human neutrophils.

The future

Absynth's current strategy focuses on:

  • A vaccine pipeline targeting the pathogens S. aureus, C. difficile and S. pyogenes;
  • A primary objective with the lead vaccine programme, targeting S. aureus, to develop an enhanced data package that is predictive of human clinical efficacy;
  • A key secondary objective of exploiting the broad potential of Absynth's technology advancing vaccines against infections caused by C. difficile and S. pyogenes as well as antibodies against S. aureus;
  • Progressing these programmes to candidate selection, clinical evaluation and partnering.

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